Play Paws Empawrium Christmas Natural Treat Variety Bag

Play Paws Empawrium Christmas Natural Treat Variety Bag

A great selection of Natural Treats in three different sizes.


Small will include £8.00 of treats.

Medium will include £14.00 of treats.

Large will include £20.00 of treats.


Your Variety bag may include the following Natural Treats:

Anco Fusion Hemp Oil Infused Treats 100g. Worth £2.50 each.
Play Paws Empawrium Calming Treats 70g. Worth £2.50 each.
Pizzle Stick. Worth £1.50 each.
Buffalo Skin. Worth £1.00 each.
Tripe Stick. Worth 25p each.
Black Pudding Stick. Worth 65p each.
Charcoal Biscuit. Worth 20p each.
Hairy Rabbit Ear. Woth 40p each.
Coins. Chicken, Salmon or Lamb. Worth £1.00 for 3.
Hairy Cow Ear. Worth £1.80 each.
Hairy Roe Deer Leg. Worth £1.50 each.
Wooly Bully. 2.5kg. Worth £11.00 each.
Rabbit Hide Roll. Worth £2.00 each.
Bully Tube. Worth £1.20 each.
Cow Ear. Worth £1.20 each.
Pig Ear. Worth £1.50 each.
Bone filled with Sheep fat. Worth £1.50 each.
Hairy Goat Ear. Worth 65p each.
Chicken or Duck Feet. Worth 5 for £1.00.
Venison Tendon. Small, Medium or Large. Worth from £3.00 each.
Giant Camel Stick. Worth £3.50 each.
Giant Bully Tripe Stick. Worth £2.80 each.
Giant Venison Stick.Worth £4.00 each.
Giant Goat Stick. Worth £1.50 each.
Giant Deer Leg. Worth £4.40 each.
Play Paws Empawrium Chicken or Fish Treats. 100g. Worth £2.50 each.


Plus while stocks last a FREE Christmas gift!


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