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Pet Fun Pineapple Enrichment Toy

Pet Fun Pineapple Enrichment Toy


Natural Rubber.


1. SAFE. Food grade natural rubber with antibacterial technology, same material of a baby’s dummy. Safe to chew.


2. FUN. It serves as a chew toy, a slow feeder, a treat dispenser, a boredom puzzle toy, and a fetch toy. It can be frozen and is dishwasher safe. Watching our best friend wagging their tails, getting the treats out, or just enjoying a satisfying chew is great fun.


3. DURABLE. Tested in lab and by many dogs, the main part is proven robust and stands up to aggressive chewers. Small bits at the top end can be broken off by persistent heavy chewers. If broken, they can be cut off with the remaining part still intact and robust.


4. TOOTH CLEANING. The textured surface design is effective at cleaning dogs' teeth and soothing discomforts from teething. Daily use helps improve their dental hygiene.

Note: Small bits of natural rubber ingested should just pass through and not causing any harm. Large chunks are choking hazards and need to be watched out.

    £7.45 Regular Price
    £5.59Sale Price
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