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Good Dog Dog Shampoo 200ml

Good Dog Dog Shampoo 200ml


This botanical dog shampoo is formulated using only the finest ingredients and is designed to cleanse the coat of even the muddiest pooch.

Hand crafted in a Norfolk workshop, it is gently fragranced with naturally derived extracts.

  • Play Paws Empawrium Recommends

    We recommend testing this product on a small area of your dog’s fur as it may cause a mild skin irritation for some dogs.

    Do not use on broken or damaged skin or on dogs with known skin issues.

    Play Paws Empawrium accepts no liability or responsibility for this product or how it is used in cases of damage or injury to you, your dog or your property.

  • Supplier Recommends:


    Can cause mild skin irritation. Can cause serious eye irritation. If in eyes, rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. If eye irritation persists, seek medical advice.

  • Country of Origin:

    Made in the UK.

  • Shipping:

    Please note that this product is a liquid and may leak in transit.

    We will ensure it is checked before being packed into your order to try to prevent this.

    We accept no liability or responsibility for your order once shipped.

  • Product Dimensions:

    200ml bottle:

    Length - 15cm

    Width - 5cm

    Depth - 5cm

    Please note all measurements are approximate.

  • Supplier:

    This product is supplied by Faire.

  • Returns Policy:

    In the first instance, please contact us if you are not happy with your purchase and we will endeavour to resolve the issue.

    Play Paws Empawrium Refund, Exchange & Returns Policy: Grooming Products: This product is not sealed and therefore can be potentially contaminated.

    This product is not refundable, exchangeable or returnable from Play Paws Empawrium.

    We will contact the Supplier and/or the manufacturer on your behalf to resolve the problem to your satisfaction. This does not affect your

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