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Bulmer Stuffed Cow Hooves 2pk

Bulmer Stuffed Cow Hooves 2pk


2 hooves per bag stuffed with either Chicken Mince, or Beef Mince

If your dog loves to chew for hours, then they’ll love chewing on cow hooves.

A cow hoof is durable, easily lasting a full day for moderate to power chewers.

Made from locally sourced ingredients.


Natural frozen raw dog food for working dogs.


Weight and size may vary.

  • Play Paws Empawrium Recommends:

    We recommend ensuring fresh drinking water is readily available when feeding your dog.

    We recommend following Raw Diet guidelines at all times.

    Ensure you have a robust cleaning routine and take all precautions to maintain good hygienic standards; before, during and after feeding Raw.

    Use this link for a ‘How To’ guide for Raw Food:

    Play Paws Empawrium accepts no liability or responsibility for this product or how it is used in cases of damage or injury to you, your dog or your property.

  • Supplier's Recommendations:

    Bulmer recommend:

    Always supervise when feeding.

  • Click & Collect Service:

    This product is available for ‘Click & Collect’ orders through this website.

    Orders will be ready for collection the same day if ordered before 2pm or the next day if ordered after 2pm.

    When collecting, please ensure you bring photo ID which needs to be presented before your order will be handed over to you. Thank you.

  • Feeding Guidelines:

    It is recommended that you feed raw with a daily quantity of 2-3% of your dog's ideal adult weight for it's breed.

    This product is not recommended for puppies under 6 months old.

    If given as a reward or treat, it is advised to reduce yor dog's daily intake relevant to the size of the reward/treat. 

    You should consider the following factors when working out how much raw to feed your dog:

    Age. Sex. Activity Levels. Life Stage. Health. Body Condition. Intact or Neutered.

    These all can have an influence on the amount you feed your dog. You should also be aware of whether your dog needs to lose weight, gain weight or maintain its current weight. Just like people, not all dogs are the same, which means when deciding how much raw dog food to feed your dog you may want to consider their health and any environmental impacts.

    For example, you would increase the daily intake if your dog is under-weight or decrease if your dog is overweight. Please note that you should always stay within the 2-3% boundary.

    Adjust accordingly or seek professional advice with your Vet or Animal Nutritionist.

  • Fat Content:

    We recommend that you give your dog natural food with different proteins (red meat, white meat, fish, etc) as part of a varied and well-balanced diet with, ideally, a Fat Content between 15% and 23% as this is considered a moderate amount of Fat which your dog needs to stay healthy.

    Different proteins have different Fat Contents so you need to be mindful of this and you may have to adjust the amount, or protein type, accordingly.

    This product’s Fat Content is unknown as the raw food filling can be Chicken or Beef.

  • Shipping Policy:

    Your order will be shipped to you using the Shipping Service you have chosen.

    We will endeavour to keeps costs as low as possible and if there is a difference of over £1.00 in the amount you have paid and the amount, we can ship your order for, you will receive this back in a partial refund. This will be via your original payment option and within 10 business days.

    Please note Shipping or Postage Fees or any fees associated with Shipping will not be refunded unless your order has been cancelled.

    We proudly support our local community recycling and reuse charity, Tendring Primary Recycling Scheme (TPRS) and you may receive your order in recycling packaging. This keeps costs down for you and us, plus is great for the environment ensuring less packaging goes to landfill. We encourage you to reuse the packaging if you can too. Alternatively, you can return it to us and we will we reuse it.

    All current GDPR regulations are followed ensuring your personal details are removed or made illegible.

  • Shipping Restrictions:

    This product is part of our Frozen Range and therefore can NOT be shipped.

    It is available for ‘Click & Collect’ or ‘Local Delivery’ Orders. Ts & Cs apply.

    Please contact us for more information on our Local Delivery Policy. Thank you.

  • Product Dimensions:

    Single Hoof:

    Length - 15cm

    Width - 7cm

    Depth - 9cm

    Weight - 231g

    All measurements are approximate.

    Please note due to the nature of this item, it may vary in colour, weight, length, width or depth to its photo, description or the dimensions above.

  • Supplier:

    This product is supplied by Primal Raw.

  • Returns Policy:

    If you are not satisfied with your purchase then please contact us in the first instance. We will endeavour to resolve the issue.

    Play Paws Empawrium Returns, Exchanges & Refund Policy:

    Frozen Products:

    This item is intended for consumption and must be stored at -18C.

    Once it has left the responsibility of Play Paws Empawrium, this temperature can not be guaranteed and therefore can not be returned, exchanged or refunded unless it is faulty.

    Where a refund is available, once the returned product has been inspected for damage or signs of being used, a refund will be processed.

    This does not affect your statutory rights.

    Once the seal is broken on this product, it is not returnable, exchangeable or refundable.

    All refunds are paid back via your original payment option. If this is not possible, then the refund amount will be put onto a Play Paws Empawrium Gift card, which can be spent in our shop in Alresford, Essex or our Mobile shop.

  • Subscriptions Available:

    This product can be put on a Weekly or Monthly Subscription Service, with various Order Cycles available, for example, every week or every two weeks.

    Subscribing means you can save money by receiving a discount for your loyalty.

    Terms and conditions apply.

    Please contact us for more information, thank you.

  • Local Delivery Service:

    This product is eligible for ‘Local Delivery’ orders through this website.

    Terms and conditions apply.

    Please contact us for more details.

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