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Anco Burns Moon Bones

Anco Burns Moon Bones

SKU: 14035

Air Dried Beef Cartilage. 

A natural source of Glucosamine and Chondroitin - Good for Joints.

Anco Naturals  Moon Bone is 100% Natural, 100% Tasty, and Contains NO Additives, Flavourings or Preservatives.

Great for even the best of chewers!

* Low in Fat
* High in Protein
* Gluten Free
* No Artificial Flavourings
* No Preservatives
* 100% Meat Treat



100% Beef Cartilage


Nutritional Analysis:

Protein 78%

Fat 6%

Ash 11%

  • Returns Policy

    Please see our Returns Policy for details.

  • Play Paws Empawrium Recommends.

    We strongly recommend supervising your dog with all treats and ensure fresh drinking water is readily available.

    Play Paws Empawrium accepts no liability or responsibility for this product or how it is used in cases of injury or damage to you, your dog or your property.

  • Supplier's Recommendations

    Anco recommends:

    For supervised chewing only.

  • Feeding Guidelines

    It is recommended that if you give your dog a large treat, you should reduce their daily food intake to help maintain your dog's health and a well balanced diet.

    When this product gets small enough to become a potental choking hazard, it should be removed from your dog's play and discarded.

  • Fat Content

    We recommmend that you give your dog natural treats as part of a varied and well balanced diet with, ideally, a Fat Content of 10% and under.

    This product's Fat Content is: 6%

  • Size

    Please note that this product may vary in size, weight or dimensions, due to its natural state.

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