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Play Paws Empawrium Senior Kibble Turkey with Sweet Potato & Cranberry

Play Paws Empawrium Senior Kibble Turkey with Sweet Potato & Cranberry


Grain Free Range:

The Grain Free range includes a selection of the finest freshly prepared nutritious and highly digestible animal protein sources.

The range has been formulated with sweet potato and potato to be suitable for those with grain intolerance/sensitivity.


Why Turkey?

Turkey is a lean protein source rich in essential amino acids.

It is also low in fat and a good source of essential nutrients such as riboflavin, potassium and selenium.


Why Sweet Potato?

Sweet potato is low in fat, and may also benefit digestive health as it is a rich source of dietary fibre.


Why Cranberry?

Cranberry is a good source of vitamin C, E and K and dietary fibre which all contribute to general health and wellbeing.



Turkey 50% (including Freshly Prepared Turkey 27%, Dried Turkey 21% & Turkey Stock 2%), Sweet Potato (16%), Potato, Peas (8%), Beet Pulp, Linseed, Omega 3 Supplement, Minerals, Cranberry (0.2%), Glucosamine (170 mg/kg), Methylsulfonylmethane (170 mg/kg), Chondroitin Sulphate (125 mg/kg), Fructooligosaccharides (FOS, 96 mg/kg), Mannanoligosaccharides (MOS, 24 mg/kg)


Analytical Constituients:

Crude Protein 27% Crude Fat 9% Crude Fibre 3.5% Crude Ash 8.5% Moisture 8% NFE 44% Metabolisable Energy 343 kcal/100g Omega 6 Fatty Acids 1.8% Omega 3 Fatty Acids 1% Calcium 1.5% Phosphorus 1.1%


* Minimum 26% Freshly Prepared Turkey

* 50% Total Turkey

* Joint Care Pack

* Added Omega 3 Supplement

* Digestive Health

* No Added Artificial Colours & Preservatives

  • Play Paws Empawrium Recommends:

    We recommend ensuring fresh drinking water is readily available when feeding your dog.

    We recommend following the feeding guidelines at all times.

    Play Paws Empawrium accepts no liability or responsibility for this product or how it is used in cases of damage or injury to you, your dog or your property.

  • Feeding Guidelines:

    This product should be given to your dog as part of a varied and well-balanced diet.

    Your dog's diet has a huge impact on their health and happiness.

    The wrong diet can lead to obesity and life-long health issues, so it's important to feed them the right food to keep them at a healthy weight and make sure they're getting all the nutrients they need.

    It is entirely acceptable to feed your dog a pure kibble diet.


    Always look for a food that is labelled ‘complete’ because this means it contains all the nutrients that your dog needs, in the correct amounts.

    Life stage appropriate: Make sure you’re feeding your dog the right food labelled for their current stage of life (puppy, adult or senior). 

    Ingredients: While it’s nice to know what’s in your dog’s food, the ingredients list can be baffling! Rest assured that all ingredients need to legally pass a vet inspection, so it doesn’t matter which you choose, as long as your dog is happy eating it.

    If you are worried about which diet to choose, speak to your vet or vet nurse and they will be happy to provide advice on which food is right for your dog’s individual needs.​


    1 - 5kg - 25 - 85g

    5 - 10kg - 85 - 145g

    10 - 20kg - 145 - 245g

    20 - 30kg - 245 - 335g

    30 - 40kg - 335 - 415g

    40+kg - 415+g

    All dogs are different and the guidelines should be adapted to take into account breed, age, temperament and activity level of the individual dog.

    When changing foods please introduce gradually over a period of two weeks; starting with 80% of your current Kibble and 20% of the new Kibble, then the next day or so change to 70% / 30% and so on. You will find that after day four, your dog will just want to eat the new Kibble!

    Always ensure fresh, clean water is available.

  • Fat Content:

    Fats are a necessary part of a balanced diet for dogs. 

    For most healthy dogs, a diet that provides about 12-18% fat is best for health maintenance.

    Fats are a concentrated source of energy that supply over twice the amount of calories than protein or carbohydrate.

    This product's Fat Content is: 9%

  • Shipping Policy:

    Your order will be shipped to you using the Shipping Service you have chosen.

    We will endeavour to keeps costs as low as possible and if there is a difference of over £1.00 in the amount you have paid and the amount we can ship your order for, you will receive this back in a partial refund. This will be via your original payment option and within 10 business days.

    Please note Shipping or Postage Fees or any fees associated with Shipping will not be refunded unless your order has been cancelled.

    We proudly support our local community recycling and reuse charity, Tendring Primary Recycling Scheme (TPRS) and you may receive your order in recycling packaging. This keeps costs down for you and us plus is great for the environment ensuring less packaging goes to landfill. We encourage you to reuse the packaging if you can too. Alternatively, you can return it to us and we will we reuse it.

    All current GDPR regulations are followed ensuring your personal details are removed or made illegible.

  • Product Dimensions:

     • Optimal kibble size and shape for senior dogs.

    • A crunchy kibble texture. 

    Single Kibble:

    Length - 14mm

    Width - 5mm 

    2 kg Bag:

    Length - 38cm

    Width - 19cm

    Depth - 9cm

    12kg Bag:

    Length - 75cm

    Width - 39cm

    Depth - 12cm

    All measurements given are approximate.

  • Supplier:

    Our Kibble is manufactured by GA Foods.

  • Other Flavours Available...

    Our Light Kibble also is available in Trout with Salmon, Sweet Potato & Asparagus.

  • Returns Policy:

    If you are not satisfied with your purchase then please contact us in the first instance. We will endeavour to resolve the issue.

    Play Paws Empawrium Returns, Exchanges & Refund Policy:


    This item is intended for consumption and is not returnable, exchangeable or refundable.

    Where a refund is available, once the returned product has been inspected for damage or signs of being used, a refund will be processed.

    This does not affect your statutory rights.

    Once the seal is broken on this product, it is not returnable, exchangeable or refundable.

    All refunds are paid back via your original payment option. If this is not possible, then the refund amount will be put onto a Play Paws Empawrium Gift card, which can be spent in our shop in Alresford, Essex or our Mobile shop.

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