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Nylabone Puppy Teething Chew

Nylabone Puppy Teething Chew

Teach your pup healthy chewing habits from the start with our Puppy Chew Toys!

These puppy chew toys feature softer material to aid in teething and provides a gentle feel on your dog's gums.

The easy-grip design makes our chew toys easy to pick up, hold, and carry. The toys include textured chewing ends that pups just love to play with.

Each end also helps clean teeth and freshen breath, promoting stronger dental health from a young age.

Your dog will enjoy the savory flavors throughout, too!

Perfect for helping pups cope with separation anxiety and satisfying their natural urge to chew, these chew toys for puppies will help your new furry friend feel more comfortable.

Non-destructive chewing starts with Nylabone!

  • Play Guidelines

    Nylabone recommends:

    It's important to get the proper size & type of chew for your puppy's age, weight & chewing strength. Non-edible chews should be large enough to encourage chewing from the side rather than top and bottom. If you have more than one dog or puppy in your household, select chews appropriate for the largest, strongest chewer. Not intended for powerful chewers or puppies with any of their adult teeth. On average, puppies transition to adult teeth from six to eight months of age, depending on breed and size.

    Always supervise your puppy to ensure they cannot bite off large pieces; some young puppies are powerful chewers even with their puppy/baby teeth!

    Product is not intended to be eate or ingested. If you think your puppy swallowed a piece, take the product away and seek your vet's advice.

    Inspect this product everytime before giving it to your puppy to make sure it's whole and intact. Check frequently and replace if worn or damaged or becomes too small to chew safely.

    Hand wash only.

    Artifical flavours made with non-animal ingredients.

  • Country of Origin

    Made in China.

  • Returns Policy

    Please see our Returns Policy for details.

  • Play Paws Empawrium Recommends.

    We strongly recommend you supervise your dog with all toys and once the toy becomes damaged it is removed from play and disguarded. 

    Make sure you check all toys every time you give them to your dog to ensure it is still intact.

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