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Collar Company Puller Dog Fitness Tool

Collar Company Puller Dog Fitness Tool

* Builds up dog health

* Trains obedience skills

* Saves time

* Lightweight

* Floaty

* Harmless for dog teeth

* Set of two rings provides the maximum result.

* Each size designed with appropriate sized breeds in mind.

* Helps form correct dog bite grip.

* Designed for active breeds.

* Improves dog physical form.

* Increases opportunities for training.

* Made from a non-toxic composite polymer material.

* Recommended by Canine Professionals.



Dog catches Rings and brings them back one by one.

The exercise trains a dog to retrieve an item and helps develop speed and agility.

If your dog does not want to give ring back, show them the second one.



Dog jumps and catches Ring.

Once the dog grabs the Ring, give another one instead.

The exercise trains dog's attention and reaction skills.



Dog tugs Ring one by one.

The exercise improves dog's strength and stamina.


Size Recommendations:

Micro: Toy Terrier. Chihuahua. Griffon. Spitz. Rabbit Dachshund. York. Puppies up to 5kg.

Mini: Miniature Schnauzer. Miniature Pinscher. Yorkshire Terrier. French Bulldog. Dachshund. Pug.

Midi: Scottish Terrier. Jack Russell Terrier. Cocker Spaniel. Border Collie. Fox Terrier. Beagle.

Standard: Malinois. Labrador. Retriever. Pit Bull. Doberman Pinscher. American Staffordshire Terrier.

Maxi: Armstaff. Bullterrier. Cane Corso. German Shepherd. Great Dane. Mastiff. Newfoundland. Pit Bull.





Puller is more than just a toy for dogs. This is a fitness tool!


Puller uniqueness lies in the fact that it is able to provide the necessary workout for all dogs muscle groups.


Just three simple exercises for 20 minutes are comparable to 3 miles of intensive running, or 2-hour training session with an instructor.

  • Returns Policy

    Please see our Returns Policy for details.

  • Play Guidelines

    This is not a chew toy.

    Do not leave your dog unattended with this product.

    This product can be destroyed quickly; do not allow to be swallowed.

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