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Carra Pet Foods Cod Skin Braids 100g

Carra Pet Foods Cod Skin Braids 100g

Artikelnummer: CPFCSB100

Carra Pet Foods' Cod Skin Braids are made from 100% Cod.

Rich in lean protein, cod is great for supporting muscle growth and repair and naturally high in the minerals Selenium and Iodine this food supports a healthy functioning thyroid.

The crunchy texture will help help remove tartar and promote dental health.

Cod is rich in Omega 3 essential fatty acids making it one of the best anti-inflammatory snacks out there!

Omega-3’s have been shown to support cognitive brain function so it’s a great training treat especially for those super hard tasks!



100% Cod


Analytical Constituients: 

Crude Protein 78.5%, Crude Fat 2.4%, Moisture 10.8%, Crude Ash 18.1%, Crude Fibre 0.5%

  • Play Paws Empawrium Recommends.

    We recommend that you always supervise your dog with all treats and ensure fresh drinking water is readily available.

    Play Paws Empawrium accepts no liability or responsibility for this product or how it is used in cases of damage or injury to you, your dog or your property.

  • Supplier's Recommendations

    Carra Pet Foods recommends:

    This product can help remove tartar and promote dental health.

  • Feeding Guidelines

    This product is to be used as a treat or reward as part of a varied and well-balanced diet to help maintain your dog's health.

  • Fat Content

    We recommend giving your dog natural treats as part of a varied and well-balanced diet with, ideally, a Fat Content of 10% and under.

    This product's Fat Content is: 2.4%

  • Shipping

    Please be aware that due to the fragile nature of this product, it may break while in transit but this will not effect the quality of this treat.

  • Product Dimensions


    L - 

    W - 

    D - 

    100g pack:

    L - 

    W - 

    D - 

    Due to the nature of this product, it is difficult to give an accurate measurement of it's dimensions. Any measurements given are approximate.

    Please note, items of the same product may vary in colour, length, width, depth or weight.

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